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Selling Jewel Tea & Autumn Leaf Since 1991

Don's Jewel Tea Shoppe specializes in items from the old Jewel Tea Co., founded in 1899. I have a very large selection of Halls Autumn Leaf china, as well as non-china Autumn Leaf pieces. Also featured are Halls Cameo Rose china, Jewel Tea catalogs, Jewel Tea product containers and miscellaneous Jewel Tea collectibles. Many of my items featured here are very hard to find, but I also have many of the more common pieces. Most of my inventory is in excellent condition, but some of the pieces have been used to different degrees and are priced accordingly. I'm a member of the National Autumn Leaf Collectors Club (NALCC). If you're interested in joining, please go to my links page and click on their link. Enjoy your visit, check back often for new listings and thanks very much for stopping by.

A little history about the Jewel Tea Company

The company was founded in 1899 and ceased operations under that name in 1981. During those 82 years it had a profound effect on the American home, and also on the country during WW2, where they pioneered the C-ration for American troops and turned their factories into making goods for the war effort. In 1933, Jewel contacted Hall China Co. of East Liverpool, Ohio with the idea of developing a new pattern of china to be used for a new premium program. Jewel and Hall had done business in past years with other premium offers. The partnership resulted in one of, if not the, largest and longest premium programs in the country. Autumn Leaf ran from its beginning in 1933 to its end in 1976. During that time, some 42,000,000 pieces were produced. Jewel tried a comeback of the pattern in 1978, but it never caught on again.

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